Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Himalayan Ride 2016 – Complete Itinerary

My first successfully completed very long ride, and it was to Himalayas! I was very sceptic about its completion right from the begining but fortunately everything went cool and I am back in one piece! Considering that 90 % of the ride was done in solo :)

Planned the trip in 5 stages, of which I cancelled stage 4 due to many reasons. The main stages, Stage 2 and 3 were completed, I am happy with that. I am listing the entire route details, I am not going to explain about the places/experiences and you won’t see the photos either, I’ll be covering them in different posts. This is just about the route(s) I’ve took.

Stage 1:

Bengaluru to Manali

Day Date From To Km Covered
1 31st Aug Bengaluru Hyderabad 570
2 1st Sep Hyderabad Narsinghpur 760
3 2nd Sep Narsinghpur Noida 775
4 3rd Sep Noida Agra –> Noida 466
5 4th Sep Noida Shimla 345
6 5th Sep Shimla Manali 250
6 5th Sep Manali Rohtang La –> Manali 102
7 6th Sep Manali Malana –> Kasol –> Manali 185

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Stage 2:

Manali to Leh/Ladakh and back

Day Date From To Km Covered
8 7th Sep Manali Jispa 140
9 8th Sep Jispa Leh 335
10 9th Sep Leh Leh (Buffer day) -
11 10th Sep Leh Magnetic Hill –> Hall of Fame –> Shey –> Chuchat Yakma –> Leh 110
12 11th Sep Leh Khardung La –> Leh –> Spangmik (Pangong Tso) 250
13 12th Sep Spangmik Leh 156
14 13th Sep Leh Upshi –> Igoo –> Khaspang –> Upshi 77
15 14th Sep Upshi Sarchu 204
16 15th Sep Sarchu Manali 222
17 16th Sep Manali Manali (Buffer day) -

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Stage 3:

Manali to Spiti Valley and Chandigarh

Day Date From To Km Covered
18 17th Sep Manali Batal 114
19 18th Sep Batal Chandra Taal –> Kaza 120
20 19th Sep Kaza Langza –> Hikkim –> Komic –> Demul –> Kaza 90
21 20th Sep Kaza Key –> Kibber –> Kaza –> Nako 152
22 21st Sep Nako Namgia –> Kalpa 125
23 22nd Sep Kalpa Karcham –> Sangla –> Kalpa 100
24 23rd Sep Kalpa Narkanda 190
25 24th Sep Narkanda Chandigarh 175

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Stage 4:


Planned either to Killar and Sach Pass or to Sikkim based on the resources available at the end of Stage 4, obviously Time and Money, I was short on both so cancelled it for some later time. Toomuch of mountains is again not recommended and I need an excuse to ride again to Himalayas :P

Stage 5:

Chandigarh to Bengaluru

I actually planned to take the return route via Kolkata along the east coast to Bengaluru via my hometown Tirupati, but due to rains and an additional km count (close to 1500 km) I cancelled that plan, well, mainly due to less days and money. I didn’t want to take the same route through which I started from Bengaluru either, so I took the below ones while keeping an eye on the rains. Fortunately it was a dry ride :)

Day Date From To Km Covered
25 24th Sep Chandigarh New Delhi 255
26 25th Sep New Delhi New Delhi (Buffer day) -
27 26th Sep New Delhi Jaipur 275
28 27th Sep Jaipur Indore 640
29 28th Sep Indore Ahmednagar 490
30 29th Sep Ahmednagar Belgaum 430
31 30th Sep Belgaum Bengaluru 512

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That completes the route details, started this journey with 41,850 km reading in my odometer, ended it successfully with a reading of 51,272 km on Sept 30th night. That was a total of 9,422 kilometers of memorable and adventurous moments in 31 days :)

More to come!

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