Thursday, July 14, 2016

AR and VR, who is winning?

While everyone is enjoying Pokemon Go I am enjoying how Augmented Reality is taking over Virtual Reality, though VR is highly potential it has the drawback of limitation to physical world.

A VR represents it's own virtual world (confined space) rather than the real world surrounding us. Where as in an AR, it actual creates a creative augmented world (virtual layer) on top of our real world, there by increasing our mobility and interactions from the confined worlds of VR.

If the AR learns the dynamic terrain of our real world (which I am sure gonna happen in near future) and combined with a VR type wearable it can almost replace everything we see with virtual interactions and what not! You can simply look at a monument and the wearable gadget tells you everything about its origin and history. Many other such applications include:

  • Looking at a person and the wearable device tells you their mood/health conditions based on what they broadcast.
  • Looking at a product it tells you its details.
  • Increases your safety and situational awareness while riding/driving a vehicle by showing critical information of your vehicle and your health (heartbeat etc).
  • Every business can advertise their products in a creative way to whoever subscribes to them.
  • Gaming!!! Yes! You can actually create a virtual world which matches to the physical dimensions of real world, including people appearances. Close to what Pokemon Go is doing now.
  • Preform a surgery with vital information readily available in front of the eyes.
  • ......

Applications are limitless, it creates an interactive real world. Basically a real world surrounded by a Matrix :P.

Though this concept is already known to many, never before an AR created a demand like Pokemon Go is doing now, thereby exponentially increasing the chances of AR's penetration in every segment of the market, future is exciting :D.

Now, whose gonna buy Niantic, Inc. in another multi billion dollar deal?

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