Saturday, December 26, 2015

Ride to B R Hills & K Gudi Wilderness Camp

I was at my friend's room partying on 18th night, had to leave at 12 as I am going on a ride with another friend Arun and two others.

Went to my place and I couldn't get any sleep, sometimes I get this excitement before a bike ride, so that's when I wrote the article on Free Basics. After completing it and finishing a debate with another guy over it I looked at the time and it was 3 a.m, even a short nap was pointless as we planned to start at 4 a.m, so I geared up and we met at a place which we decided earlier and started our ride.

B R Hills is ~190 km from where we started, we went via Kanakapura and Malavalli, road was good with fog in the early morning, we stopped at Malavalli junction, had breakfast, took some pictures and started the rest of the journey.,bvkmohan,BRHills,KGudi,Chamarajanagar,Karnataka

We reached B R Hills entrance around ~9 a.m after a short break we rode slowly on its narrow but well laid road, it wasn't a crowded road, we hardly saw other vehicles and WOW! Those beautiful curves! They made me wanna kiss the road with my knees. It was still in the morning, the sun rays trying to escape from the dense trees by painting their yellow shade all over the place which was dominated by greenery... it just made the place so beautiful, a scenic road from end-to-end.,bvkmohan,BRHills,KGudi,Chamarajanagar,Karnataka

We reached the Biligiri Rangaswamy temple on top and spent some time there, it was sunny, yet it wasn't hot, a dry day with a cool breeze. After some talk and short nap we started to K Gudi.,bvkmohan,BRHills,KGudi,Chamarajanagar,Karnataka,bvkmohan,BRHills,KGudi,Chamarajanagar,Karnataka

Road to K Gudi was bumpy, not like the one we rode earlier, a scenic ride nevertheless. At the end of the road there's this wilderness camp which has wild safari, we didn't go though. Parked our bikes and my friends went to explore the place, I felt like taking a short nap as I didn't sleep before the ride. While I was half asleep I've heard a loud sound, when checked it was an Elephant's roar who was standing on the edge of a scenic pond.,bvkmohan,BRHills,KGudi,Chamarajanagar,Karnataka,bvkmohan,BRHills,KGudi,Chamarajanagar,Karnataka

After spending some time we started back to Bengaluru, did a very small trek in the middle. On the return ride I slowly started feeling extreme tiredness due to lack of sleep, it was really not a pleasant ride for me, I was so exhausted, riding on boring highway for long periods adds fatigue and brings you dangerously close to sleep. I had to keep myself engaged by talking to myself and counting number of electricity poles, shit like that. Realized how important a proper sleep before a ride, lesson learnt. So we reached Kanakapura at ~7 p.m, and from there we dispersed and reached Bengaluru safely.

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