Friday, August 21, 2015

One of those profound experiences

So I rode to Yercaud, after visiting the watch tower at Karadiyur View Point I was heading back to my room, all of a sudden thick clouds loomed the entire mountain with thunders in no time, and it started to rain! Actually, I got freaked out, because I am alone, riding in a remote area with no proper connectivity, I was getting mobile signal back in the watch tower but not here.

I rode fast and stopped near a temple and went inside as it started to rain very heavily. It was almost completely dark (still 6:30 p.m)
that temple seems to be running on UPS with only one led lamp, and I met the poojari there, he offered me to come and sit in his small house, I went inside as it was a heavy downpour, and inside his place I find his beautiful white cat, and I start playing with her.,bvkmohan,yercaud,salem,tamil nadu

 We had small talk, I am not that fluent in Tamil. Whatever the time I spent there, I forgot about myself and everything, all I was doing was playing with the cat in that place somewhere remote in a hill station.

After sometime I started to my place as the heavy rain stopped, it was still drizzling. On my way back there was a road block due to fallen trees, they fell down because of the heavy wind. And there again, I am stuck in the middle of nowhere under rain with no connectivity of any sort (it was somewhere in the middle of the jungle towards Yercaud)

First thing that came to my mind was let's get the hell out of here! But there's no way to go because the road was completed blocked. Worst part was, the tress brought down power lines along with them, so nobody was sure if the power lines are still hot, no one was able to make a call as there was no single on anyone's mobile. So we went to a local village and asked for help, good people! They quickly reacted, they made call to the local power station (Via CellOne) and asked them to stop the power transmission, after we confirmed the lines are dead, without wasting any minute we started to move the fallen tress out of the road. The road gets cleared and everyone moves.

Situations like these can teach a lot of things, not to mention the courage it gives you to deal when no on close to you is there for you to help. One of the experiences I could never forget.

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