Thursday, February 14, 2013

Got my Nexus 4

So, finally after a long wait of 2 months, it got my Nexus 4! ;-)
There was some hiccups dealing with Cart2India dealer on eBay, again, we know that it’s happening with most of the people who ordered this beast, Google too admitted that they underestimated the demand for this product.
Anyways, glory! I finally got it.
bvkmohan,, android, Nexus 4

Initial observations, the packaging is straightforward, no bullshit. If you are a big fan of AMOLED/super AMOLED screens, you’ll find IPS panels are bit washed out, or it could be the calibration issue, more like the latter, felt the hardware is too powerful for Android Stock 4.2.1, Literally no lag! Smartphone Gaming Master Race? :D
I am still testing it, just completed 2 days of Nexus 4 experience, I will post my detailed review in couple of days, maybe :P

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