Monday, February 7, 2011

Finally Tattooed!

I finally got a tattoo! 

I had this dream since from my 18's, but I was pulled back by lot of stuff like family, friends, college environment and bla bla. I wasn't that free to take decisions when I was in college, like any other teen.

Recently I went to Goa with my office friends on Feb 29th (it was a 4 day trip). That was my first visit to Goa and the very first thing I've felt was, Goa is a land for free souls! :) You can do whatever you want, no one is going to question you there (at least that's what I've felt). Goa is a beautiful place to live in, lots of beaches with moderate humidity and fresh air allover, the only thing I didn't like was roads filled with vehicles polluting the fresh air. The idea of getting tattooed was there in my mind but it didn't kicked off until I went to a tattoo shop named Tattoo Underground located near calangute beach, actually I went there to see one of my friend getting tattooed, I just had a look at the tattoo artist collections and after looking at one particular design I felt this has to be on my skin! I was attracted to it, or I was drunk, no matter what, then and there I've decided to have it on my skin, so here it is.
bvkmohan,, tattoo
Every tattoo has a name and description, mine I feel it represents freedom, It represents my innate which soars the skies like a bird, like the power of an eagle and the lightness of a butterfly. A soul without rules, judgments or conclusions. It represents the symbol of fire, delightful, magical, transformational. And finally it is me, myself, which I am discovering everyday

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