Motorcycle Diaries

Starting from first to the recent ride. Total distance clicked till the last ride # 63,283 km

You'll see Tirupati often in the list, that's my hometown.

1. Nandi Hills, 31st October 2014 # Blog post | Photos (solo)
2. Tirupati & Tirumala, 19th & 20th December 2014 # Photos (solo)
3. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, 27th December 2014 # Photos1 | Photos2
4. Tirupati, 1st January 2015 # (solo)
5. Blue Hills, Kolar, 8th March 2015 #
6. Kailasagiri, Kaiwara, 14th March 2015 # Video
7. Tirupati, 21st March 2015 # (solo)
8. Mandaragiri Hills/Basadi Betta, 28th March 2015 #
9. Nandi Hills, 3rd April 2015 #
10. Kodaikanal, 23rd-24th-25th April 2015 # Blog postPhotos (solo)
11. Masinagudi, 16th-17th May 2015 # Photos | Video
12. Wayanad, 22nd-23rd-24th May 2015 # Photos
13. Varlakonda Fort, 6th June 2015 #
14. Gandikota & Belum Caves, 13th-14th June 2015 # Photos | Video
15. Yelagiri, 25th-26th June 2015 # Photos (solo)
16. Tirupati, 31st July 2015 (solo)
17. Yercaud, 21st-22nd August 2015 # Blog PostPhotos (solo)
18. Madikeri, 3rd-4th September 2015 # Photos (solo)
19. Chikmagalur, 13th-14th September 2015 # Photos | Video
20. Tirupati, 25th September 2015 # (solo)
21. Avala Betta, 10th October 2015 #
22. Tirupati, 11th December 2015 # (solo)
23. B R Hills & K Gudi, 19th December 2015 # Blog PostPhotos
24. Mysuru-Kozhikode-Kannur-Mangaluru-Bengaluru, 30th-31st December 2015 to 1st-2nd January 2016 # Blog Post | Photos1 | Photos2 (solo)
25. Tirupati & Nellor, 8th & 9th January 2016 # Blog Post (solo)
26. Tirupati, 13th January 2016 # (solo)
27. Tirupati, 5th February 2016 # (solo) 
28. South Western Ghats, 14th March 2016 to 19th March 2016Photos1 | Photos2 | Photos3 (solo)  
29. Tirupati, 24th March 2016 # (solo)
30. Kolli Hills, 8th April 2016 # Photos (solo)
31. Tirupati, 29th April 2016 # (solo)
32. Mandalpatti & Chikmagalur off-road trails, 12th-13th May 2016 (solo)
33. Tirupati, 20th May 2016 # (solo)
34. Mysuru, 15th May 2016 (solo)
35. Kolukkumalai, 3rd-4th June 2016 # Photos (solo)
36. Bisle Ghat, 1st July 2016 (solo)
37. Tirupati, 16th July 2016 # (solo)
38. Tirupati, 19th August 2016 # (solo)
39. Leh/Ladakh & Spiti Valley, 31st August to 30th September 2016 (solo)
40. Tirupati, 15th October 2016 # (solo)
41. Tirupati, 18th November 2016 # (solo)
42. Tirupati, 22nd December 2016 # (solo)
43. North Karnataka, 28th to 31st December 2016 # (solo)
44. Tirupati, 2nd Feb 2017 # (solo)
45. Salem,  3rd Mar 2017 # (solo)
46. Tirupati, 10th Mar 2017 # (solo)
47. North Karnataka, Goa, Maharastra 14th to 18th Mar 2017 # (solo)
48. Tirupati, 4th May 2017 # (solo)
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  1. Hi Mohan,

    Very nice blog you got here. I must admit the pics are equally good as your write-ups.
    I also own a TBT, but 350CC. I do tour occasionally, but the fear of getting my tyre punctured and stranded nowhere gets in me strong. Did you do anything about it? or you take it as a part of adventure?
    All the very best to your future travel.

    - Aziz

    1. Hello Abdul, thanks for your appreciation!

      To be honest, yes, I take it as part of adventure. Fortunately I didn't have punctures on most of my actual rides, I faced most of them on my city rides, especially in Bengaluru.

      I used Slime Tyre Sealant for a while, it didn't help me at all! For it to work effectively you need to remove the metal piece from the tyre when punctured and keep running, it'll automatically seal the puncture hole, but by the time you realize there is a puncture the tyre would be already flat and the nail would've ruptured the tube even more, sealant is of no use.

      I lived with them, and after a while it didn't become a big deal for me. Risk factor is always needed on bike rides/ touring, else what's the fun in that?

      Now I am using Ceat - Zoom - 120/80-18 for my rear, it's a tubeless tyre, I am using it with tube. It is not recommended as tubeless tyres are not made to handle the friction from tube, it'll increase the tyre temperature more, I use Nitrogen in tubes, and the tyre can withstand speeds upto 160 km/h which cannot be achieved on REs. So I feel it shouldn't be a problem. The reason why I went for this tyre is it's very thick (additional protection for punctures) with deep grooves and gives extremely good grip to the rim, any tubeless gives good grip actually. So far I had no issues and I must say, I feel more confident in the corners and wet surfaces with this tyre, it glues to the road, I completed only 600 km on it. So it is still inconclusive on how it performs in long run.