Friday, December 6, 2013

Memories of ME building things :)

I came across a post from my friends in Facebook about a kid who built a functional model of JCB excavator using syringes, my first thought was Wow! His design is so fluid and really compact, I said that because I too built the same kind of projects when I was in school. Brought back a lot of memories :)
jcb kid, bvkmohan,, dyiBelow are few photographs of those models I’ve built back in school days.
1. Back to school …bvkmohan,, science fair, dyi, jcbAbove was my second successful model of excavator, which I built (most of it) on a train journey to the state level science fair, and yes, I won second prize for this model:) This was back in 1997/98.bvkmohan,, science fair, dyi, jcbDemonstrating to the Panel, the model was very simple and can lift up to 500 grams to 1 Kilo without flipping over, I used counter weights to keep the model in place, It can turn 45 degrees. The main drawback with this model was I used rubber tubes for the fluid flow (used water), at high pressures the tubes expands giving unequal ratios of input and output movements of plunger, sometimes bursts out. Nevertheless, everyone was awestruck by it.
2.bvkmohan,, science fair, dyi, jcbAbove was another one (more complex) I built for another science fair held at my school, girl in the pic is my sister. This was back in 2001. In this one I fixed all the issues and design flaws noticed from my previous models. I got first prize for this one, I used silicon tubes in this model, it gave me equal ratio in input and output movement of plunger, it lifted up to 1500 grams without any problem, since the tubes cannot expand, I had to seal them to the syringe with feviquick to avoid tube bursts at the contacts.bvkmohan,, science fair, dyi, jcbDemonstrating to the panel. Literally, there are no practical real world applications with any of the above models, but the knowledge I got from building them is second-to-none. There were several other models I have built after the above ones, unfortunately I have no pictures of them. I build stuff just for fun and to kill boredom. Glorious days of my childhood!

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