Saturday, December 26, 2015

Ride to B R Hills & K Gudi Wilderness Camp

I was at my friend's room partying on 18th night, had to leave at 12 as I am going on a ride with another friend Arun and two others.

Went to my place and I couldn't get any sleep, sometimes I get this excitement before a bike ride, so that's when I wrote the article on Free Basics. After completing it and finishing a debate with another guy over it I looked at the time and it was 3 a.m, even a short nap was pointless as we planned to start at 4 a.m, so I geared up and we met at a place which we decided earlier and started our ride.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Why Facebook's "Free Basics" is Evil (another fancy name to its

There are dozens of beautiful articles/videos which explains the importance of Net Neutrality, yet, people miserably fail to understand its vital importance in this information age.
This is another post to explain it in my own words, hopefully at least 1 out of 10 people who reads this can understand its importance and act accordingly.
Note: This is solely intended to users who still fail to understand the utmost importance of Net Neutrality and fall for the fancy campaigns like