Friday, December 6, 2013

Memories of ME building things :)

I came across a post from my friends in Facebook about a kid who built a functional model of JCB excavator using syringes, my first thought was Wow! His design is so fluid and really compact, I said that because I too built the same kind of projects when I was in school. Brought back a lot of memories :)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Clear guide on bringing Kitkat 4.4 and Nexus 5 UI to Nexus 4

Hi Peeps! I know most of the Nexus 4 owners in India are still waiting for Kitkat 4.4 OTA, I being one of them couldn't wait and finally updated kitkat 4.4 manually.

After the update I noticed the launcher is the same as before, Nexus 5 UI isn't available for Nexus 4 OTA update, which means, we won't be getting GEL (Google Experience Launcher) which integrates Google Search (noticeably, the Ok Google feature), Google Now and few UI enhancements. GEL is exclusive for Nexus 5 only (at least for now).

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Got my Nexus 4

So, finally after a long wait of 2 months, it got my Nexus 4! ;-)
There was some hiccups dealing with Cart2India dealer on eBay, again, we know that it’s happening with most of the people who ordered this beast, Google too admitted that they underestimated the demand for this product.
Anyways, glory! I finally got it.