Saturday, April 2, 2011

A day to celebrate in India … Really?

Yesterday was a day of celebration in India. I was sleeping and having dreams but had to get because of the loud fire crackers outside.  My very first thought was either India is leading its way into winning track or it has already won in the world cup. Yesterday was cricket world cup finals, and yes! I was sleeping! 
First of all, I was sleeping because I work in night shifts and I care more about myself than wasting time watching a day long
game with pathetic 10 second ads for which the companies pay around lakhs of rupees. The fact is, I don’t worship cricket nor praise its players like many do in this country. In India Cricket is treated as a Religion and Sachin as God. I stay away from this religion and worshiping part. I like cricket for what it should be, but not for what it is right now. If you analyse the game correctly it is nothing but a Carefully Scripted Business Strategy and it doesn’t even take much time to figure it out. I admire the veteran players because of their dedication to the game and sportsmanship.
Ok, coming back to those cracker sounds.
Those sounds were so intense that I had to get up one hour early than my usual time. Then I found my roommates watching live match on PC, just had a glimpse on the score and found that we just need 4 runs to win form 11 balls, it’s quite obvious that we are going to win, so I took my shower and started to office. Damn!!! people were crazy outside! they were playing, dancing, partying on streets! whole lot of crazy circus going on! some were riding bikes with Indian flags tied to them, some were holding them in hands and not even caring on how they’re holding (I am not trying to be a patriot here, I am just talking in the context of the post). I wondered this is how madness looks like? I guess I was right.
We have won the match that’s great and this is a great victory for India after the world cup in 1983. This is really a cherishing moment, but when we cheer for our country we should make sure our actions are matured and more importantly shouldn’t hurt others. While this world cup series was going on I’ve seen lot of people keeping their complete faith with their lives on a simple matter of game and there were lot of mixed feelings, outraged and racist comments on other country players. Is this the only thing to be considered more seriously in this country? besides illiteracy, political corruption and lack of development? I seriously have hard time understanding these people.
We have won the match and it has literally nothing to do with our daily lives or this country’s growth and there is nothing to celebrate for. We are still under the same political conditions and the same old story.
I feel like saying this on top of my voice. Stop being mad about something which has nothing to do with our lives and start being ourselves! If the world cup winning really needs to be celebrated, then I strongly feel that we should do something useful like going out and feeding some poor people or donating something to orphanages who are thriving for some attention and care!

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